For about a year now I had been planning to start a blog. I got tripped up on a couple things, such as what it was going to be about and what the name of it was going to be.

My name is Gabriel Gonzalez and I have my MBA from the University of Virginia. Currently I’m studying for the CFA and I’m registered to take it June. The purpose of this blog is to call attention to news I believe that is interesting mainly in the financial world, but may spread to other topics.

As for the name of the blog, I decided to make it “The Muse on the Street”. The Muse part came from collaborating with people and I wanted that word in the name. After struggling with it, I woke up and finally thought of “The Word on the Street” but then switched out word with muse. Simple as that.

I think the first post is going to be one of my longer ones, I definitely wasn’t planning on writing 750 words per post (with a spreadsheet attached). I would like to do one like that once a week though and maybe as I become more comfortable to start doing longer posts more often. But as for the first post, it’s a back of the envolope calculation I did on Facebook last week. It should be up shortly.