While in school around 2000-2003, I remembered hearing about mortgage-backed securities. I remember as a banker tried to pitch the idea to us and I thought it was a horrible idea because of the worse case scenario. Of course, after you say that and get into the industry, it’s a lot easier to go with the flow and forget about that worst case scenario.

I went back to school in 2008, after Bear Sterns had gone under but before Lehman Brothers had. Of course JP Morgan “saved” Bear before truly dying but Barclay’s waited for the bottom to fall out (or got a great assist from the UK regulators) before stepping in for Lehman. Either way, if I had been more vocal in my opinion earlier, at least it would have been out there.

Basically, I want to share my view on the markets. All my views are written from a perspective of investing in the long term. I occasionally may write about some things if I do see some short or medium term opportunities but that will be explicitly mentioned when I do.

Also, while the primary focus of this blog will be financial markets (and some economics), I may touch upon some sports because I’m an avid fan. Just so you know who I am partial (remember I’m from South Florida) to, I will list teams here:

La Liga/European Club Football: FC Barcelona
International (Association) Football: USA, España, Italia
NFL Football: Miami Dolphins
NBA Basketball: Miami Heat
NCAA Sports: Virginia Cavaliers, Florida Gators, Tulane Green Wave

Other than that, I mean this blog to start discussion and make people think. I may upset you with some opinions, but if I’ve gotten you to think twice about something (especially for a good reason), then this blog has served its purpose. And I don’t ever mean to sound like a “know it all” though some people do interpret it that way. Like this piece right here:

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